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Full length movies:

- Sadist Ecstasy (1973) – thriller based on novel titled "The Free Flight of the Nocturne Bird", published by CEDIBRA (Editorial Bruguera, Spain),
- Twenty Footsteps to Die (1970) - western
- Incredible, Fantastic, Extraordinary (1969) – terror short stories based in a famous nationwide radio program created by Almirante
- The Treasure of Zapata (1968) – western, based in book with the same title, published by CEDIBRA (Editorial Bruguera, Spain),
- Latest screenplay: “Red Card”(2001)


- UFO Document (1979)
- UFO Research (1979)
- Flying Saucers Do Exist (2003)

First two documentaries, based on screenwriting by René Martin, were directed by Barthô Andrade, a graduate of the Institute des Hautes Etudes Cinematographiques (I.D.H.E.C.) - Paris, who was the assistant director to Marcel Camus on the movie “Black Orpheus”. The documentaries focused on UFO studies in Brazil, and presented interviews with international-renowned UFO field investigators including Irene Granchi, Flávio A. Pereira and Gal. Moacyr Uchôa, as well as witnesses that saw and filmed UFOs in the capital of Brazil (Brasilia) and in near by Goiás State in Brazil One of the films displayed for the first time a UFO hovering over Angra dos Reis region in Rio de Janeiro State. At the time, these documentaries were exhibited at Brazilian movie theatres nationwide, and copies were sold in 16mm and 8mm formats .