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René Martin developed different characters which we may include:
- Agent Allan Ward – British secret agent,
- Inspector Marcel - High ranked detective
- Vic Parr, the Adventurer – an anti-hero who emerged from the Korea War and lived in New York in the 80's, appearing in 16 soft-covert books,
- Sy Chadler – private eye,
- Theodore James Whitman – an operative agent belonging to the UPR (UFO Phenomena Research), who coordinates the cover-up of UFOs and alien activities in our planet - first appeared in the book entitled “Cosmic Controllers” (2008).

An ingenious intrigue writer, with a quick and fast style format.
Editions Gallimard

“Fanatics”, a spy novel by René Martin, presents an interesting and realistic plot.
O Globo Newspaper

The work entitled “The Treasure of Zapata”, by René Martin, made great success and became a movie.

Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

I can’t stop admiring René Martin’s talent for transmitting real information within a fictional plot without allowing both to collide ... I learned a lot on the UFO questions... It is hard to believe that the plot is not based in real people...
Rodrigo Pereira, co-author of “Anthony Steffen”, journalist and Brazilian movie researcher.